About The Author

About the S.P Capone

I was born in Newton Massachusetts, a suburb of the city of Boston.I earned a degree in Anthropology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Later I earned a certificate in Elementary Education from the University of Phoenix. I attended the Arizona Law Enforcement Academy and went on to spend twenty years as a patrol officer in the City of Scottsdale Arizona.

Being a native New Englander I often use the City of Boston and its neighboring communities as settings for my stories. I have taken my characters to the streets of London, the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the beaches of Florida and the desserts of Arizona. Many of the characters in my stories although fictional are developed from people I have known and my personal life experiences. My stories shy away from using characters endowed with extraordinary talent as I feel most of life’s heroes as ordinary people.

My writing has its foundation in a writers workshop I attended at Harvard University in Cambridge Massachusetts Having written eighteen novels followed by a lengthy hiatus I am currently working on both my nineteenth and twentieth novel. Currently I live and write in Scottsdale Arizona where I reside with my Belgian Shepherd “Sam” and my German Shepard “Abby”.

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