A Penny For Your Thoughts

As a wind driven snow beats a tinny symphony against the windshield of his car, Jason Colson, co-founder of Micro-Tech, an emerging Giant in the software industry waits on an impending date with doom. With Jason’s anxiety running on overdrive his thoughts turn to his daughter Jennifer and his failed marriage to his wife Linda. On the other side of a breath frosted window, the city streets echo with the quiet abandonment of a wind driven snow. West of the city in a posh suburb his friend and partner Ken Abrams has no idea the collision course with evil that awaits him. His wife, a dark haired beauty on the outside, and evil seductress who will stop at nothing to get what she wants…….A Penny for your thoughts is a fast paced thriller from start to finish. From the streets of Boston where murder for hire is a debt to an obligation that can never be repaid to the unforgiving ink black intercostal waterways of Florida. A Penny For Your Thoughts is action and intrigue where lives hang in the balance.In a world of high technology superstars, where the seductive powers of wealth have no rival, one can only wonder the motive behind the words, “I do”.

Turn Back the Day

Having spent twenty years as a police officer in Arizona, Jack Granger, now retired, returns to his home of Newtown Massachusetts looking to leave behind the experiences that still haunt his dreams, and heal the scars that are vivid reminders of a past that refuses to let him be. Turn Back The day is a story of redemption the hero, as jack rekindles the joy of a lost love that drove him west.In the months following his retirementJack exchanges the desert heat for the hope of rejuvenation in springtime New England, and with that the salvation of his spirit. Jack learns that not only had he left the love of his life behind twenty-five years ago, he left behind a daughter he never knew existed. In his battle to capture the character of the man he once was Jack must fort face the life and death battle of sworn vengeance and retribution when a killer from his past life threatens all he holds dear. Turn Back The day follows Jack’s life from retired cop to writer, and from a small New England town to the western wilds of McCormick Arizona and back again. It brings him to the foothills of the White Mountains and the beauty of the lakes region of northern New Hampshire where the peaceful waters become the salvation of not only Jack, but the love of his family.

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The Days

The Days After You, is an enduring takeoff falling in love with the girl next door. But just as every love story yearns for a happy ending, it does not mean that loves not without challenges and is nothing less than a journey. The Days After You is about keeping hope alive, and that tru love will find a way, despite the miles and regardless of the years. Growing up in small town America, Jillian Wilde is smitten with handsome neighborhood boy Richard Sear Whi lives just two doors down. When still a young girl tragedy strikes Jillian’s family, and she wonders will she ever be able to accept love again without the fear of loss sabotaging her dreams. From the hallowed halls of prestigious Hallerton College, to the allure of sunny Los Angeles, and the stately manors of London England;The Days After You follows the hearts of Jason and Jillian from despair to redemption. It is the story of dreams never surrendered, can come true.

October Moon

“After years spent living in the desert of Arizona, Jack Granger has returned to his New England roots and finds himself at peace with his past. Reunited with Jessica, the love of his life. Enjoying the daughter he never knew he had, at last Jack has the family he longed for.

With his twenty years of law enforcement now in the past Jack has moved on and finds pleasure in the challenge of his second career as a writer, and spending days in the company of the young German shepherd “”Ella”” he gifted his daughter Elizabeth.

However, much as Jack no longer carries a gun and wears the badge of a police officer he can’t ignore his instincts. In this second installment in the series following Turn back The Day, Jack faces a unique challenge in solving the mysterious disappearance of three young women. With the assistance of a reporter Julia Kent, who covered the stories of the missing girls he finds not only answers but confronts an evil he had hoped was only in his imagination.

In October Moon Jack is once again pitted against the life and death challenge that threatens the family he waited a lifetime to find. October Moon shows that heroes come in all sizes and that not all heroes walk on two legs. That the power of love and family and defy an obstacle that may cross its path. “

October Moon

Mysteries, Thrillers & Suspense

Did you know that some books are so good they’re considered “thrillers”?
That’s right: you can have your cake and eat it too. You can read about murders and still be able to eat cake for breakfast.
Are you looking for the best crime fiction? Look no further than these books about murders. They’re written by authors who know how to tell a story, which means that even if their characters get murdered (and sometimes they do!), you can still enjoy them as much as ever.
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Penny for Your Thoughts

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the mystery of crime fiction. The characters, the plot twists, and the crimes can all be so captivating that you forget everything else. But when it comes to crime fiction, what’s more, important than the characters? The setting!
A good crime novel will have you turning page after page as you figure out who committed the crime and why. But if there’s one thing we’ve learned from our favourite crime novels, there’s no such thing as a perfect crime. And while some of them are just too complicated to solve, others are solved by people simply paying attention. So when you’re reading your next action-packed crime story, take a minute now and then to look around at your surroundings. You just never know what might give away a clue!

Reading is the Most Powerful Tool in the World.

We’re not just saying that because we’re book nerds but because it’s true. We’ve seen the power of reading stories change lives, and we want to help you harness that power for yourself.If you’re looking for great Thriller Action Books to get started with, we recommend checking out our list of top 10 crime fiction authors. It’s full of action-packed thrillers and page-turning mysteries that will have you on the edge of your seat! Not sure where to start? Check out our guide to the best crime suspense authors. We’ve got some great suggestions for new authors and classic novels alike.
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Experience a Mystery like Never Before

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of books about murder, mayhem, and mystery. But what if you’re looking for something new? Something to make your blood run cold?
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