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Dive into Adventure: Must-Read Best Action Fiction Books for Readers

Best Action Fiction Books

Since the dawn of the 21st century, people have had the luxury of access to countless choices when it comes to reading the best action fiction books. The situation for the old folks was different. Back then, the reading options were very limited. However, this is a completely different era where you can order your favorite book at home or read hundreds of stories online. 

In this blog, some of the best action fiction books will be discussed to help you make a choice that will offer you an adventurous experience. The idea behind this blog is to discuss five amazing options that offer an experience filled with suspense, thrill and action that the readers would admire.

Diving back in time, there were simply many amazing best action fiction books written by well-known authors but access was limited. From the Three Musketeers to the Sea Monsters, there has never been a dearth of books. However, the current times have a lot more to offer. To offer you recommendations that suit the current times, here is a list of 5 best action fiction books that will make the adrenaline rush through your body and make the cold months of fall and winter meaningful to you.

Don’t wait for the next summer to spring back to life. After thorough research and analyzing the highly ranked best action fiction books on the basis of expert recommendations and sales data, here are five amazing books you would want to take advantage of. These books are the perfect remedy for dull, cold nights as they offer fast-paced, action-packed stories that keep you on the edge of your seat.

A Penny for Your Thoughts by S.P Capone

A good action-packed thriller always makes a good read. The experience is always an exhilarating one, as a good thriller filled with suspense keeps you guessing throughout the plot, thereby ensuring you never get bored. This story unleashes an intriguing plot based on business success, family relationships and love for a daughter that all sound optimistic. However, adding to the gloom is a failed marriage that adds to the thrill. With far-flung locales chosen as the settings, this book by S.P Capone is all about a suspense story that keeps the readers interested in the lives of the main characters, with the plot continuously revealing an extra layer of intrigue.

This is one of the most admired best action fiction books that focuses on a world of high technology players where action, intrigue, suspense and thrill all combine to demonstrate how strong the powers of wealth and seduction can be if unleashed.

The characters in the story are taken from multiple settings, from the streets of London to the White Mountains of New Hampshire and all the way to the exotic beaches of Florida. Even the deserts of Arizona are a part of the setting that takes the readers on an exciting and adventurous journey where crime, action, and seduction all combine to take the readers into a world of imagination beyond their comprehension.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

This is simply one of the most exciting best action fiction books that is a must-read. The story is set on the ruins of North America, where order is maintained by forcing each district to send a female and male teenager to take part in the annual Hunger Games. This game is a fight to the death and is aired live on TV.

When the teenager Katniss Everdeen comes forward in place of her sister, she knows very well that participating in this game is more of a death sentence. However, she has been through a similar predicament before. What happens next will be revealed in a series of events that will keep your eyes glued to his book.

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The Wrath of Poseidon by Clive Cussler

Lovers of action fiction will love this book. This is one of the best action fiction books that continues to inspire awe despite the author having died. Based on an event in the past, the book takes you back a decade when the main characters are chasing an old treasure. In this process, they face off against a powerful drug lord, forcing them to abandon their goal. To survive, they eventually have their enemy sent to jail.

However, a decade later, the protagonists, Sam and Remi, travel back to Greece in a renewed quest to find the treasure, but the villain is now a free man and plans to steal the treasure and kill Sam and Remi. The novel reveals a plot that is laced with action, and the story continues to keep you glued to the book.

Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

The book is based on an event in the future time when the Earth is under threat from an alien species that is about to unleash a final assault. This is yet another of those best action fiction books that will keep you busy till you have read the last page. Marking a charming and ambitious plot, this novel is about the future where the world has become a cold and ugly place.

Humans need a protagonist to stand up to the invasion. The story focuses on a military genius who needs to defend the Earth by defeating the aliens. This book is supposed to be noticed, with its plot filled with thrill and suspense. Unexpectedly, Ender Wiggin, a brilliant and cunning character, is a child selected but the world government for military training. However, the child now needs to act like an experienced military officer who excels in simulated war games.

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The Martian by Andy Weir

The book lays bare a bizarre plot where an astronaut, Mark Watney, is among those few people who walk on mars. The plot is unique in the sense that it lays bare a setting not typically found in other best action fiction books. The plot undergoes a twist from the major accomplishment of stepping foot onto Mars to a scenario where Watney is convinced that he will be the first person to die on this planet.

The protagonist barely survives a dust storm but is left stranded with no way to communicate with Earth. With depleting supplies, he is left to face one of the most dreadful situations a human being could face.